How to Set Up Your Kill-Shot Pro™

Step 1 - Check Battery Status & Charging

Your Kill-Shot Pro™ has many hours of playing time available in the internal rechargeable battery. In this video you will learn how to:

  • Check the batter charge level.
  • Insert the charger cable into the connector on the controller.

We recommend checking the battery charge level after each day's game sessions and before your next day's game sessions.

Step 2 - Training Functions

Kill-Shot Pro™ has two functions designed to improve your ability to make quality shots consistently. These are:

  • Focus Training – withing a fraction of a second of ball striking either side of your paddle, the Kill-Shot Pro™ flashes two very bright LEDs. This is a visual training aide – if you don't see the LEDs flash when you strike the ball it means your eyes are not following to ball to contact.
  • Sweet Spot Training – when the ball strikes the sensor side of your paddle, Kill-Shot Pro™ provides immediate voice feedback on where on the sensor the ball hit – "Sweet, left, right, in or out."

Step 3 - Option Settings

Many of the Kill-Shot Po™ features can be configured for various modes of operation. This video will walk you though each of the options and how to set them.

  • Sweet spot size – large or small
  • Master audio feedback – on or off
  • Individual feature audio feedback control:
    • Sweet on/off (other zones will still provide audio feedback)
    • "Rewards" sound on/off

Step 4 - Accessing Statistics

Kill-Shot Pro™ tracks your shots and accumulates statistics when the ball strikes the paddle in each of the zones corresponding to the labels on the Kill-Shot Pro™ sensor attached to your paddle. The statistics will aid you in assessing your shots as you make adjustments. As your abilities improve with practice, your percentage of strikes in the "sweet spot" will increase.

In this video you will learn how to:

  • Recall a voice summary of the statistics. Kill- hot Pro™ will read out the total number of strikes recorded and the percentage of strikes in the "sweet", "left", "right", "in" and "out" zones of the sensor.
  • Reset the statistics back to zero.This can be done whenever you want to start over collecting statistics.