Find Your Sweet Spot!

Watch players at all skill levels improve their game with Kill-Shot Pro™

Training Sessions With Kevin P. – Newport Beach, CA

It Just Got Easier to Find the Sweet Spot

"Hitting the sweet spot consistently is key to improving your game. The Kill-Shot Pro™ training aid makes it happen."

Focus Training During Volley Play

Keeping your eye on the ball until it makes contact with the paddle is called "focus training." This is important in all aspects of the game, especially during volleys.

Kevin shows how Kill-Shot Pro™ improves hand-eye coordination, making more sweet spot hits which lead to more consisent shot placement.

Be sure to scroll to the next video to watch Kevin check the statistics tallied by Kill-Shot Pro™ during his practice sessions.

Checking Statistics After Volley Practice

Want to know how well you are doing? Kill-Shot Pro™ keeps a running tally of each contact with the paddle sensor. In, Out, Left, Right and Sweet are counted and perclntages of each calculated from total hits and read out. Kevin gets over 70% on this volley practice. Not bad at all!

Training Sessions With Remi S. – Newport Beach, CA

Out of Control Dink Shots Stopped Cold

“Before training with the Kill-Shot Pro™ system, my dink shots were all over the place, all because of my lack of focus! But the more I worked with my Kill-Shot Pro™ training system, the better my focus, and my dinks got progressively better. This system is brilliant!

No More Too-High Drop Shots

“My drop shots used to be too high because I was hitting them in the lower “In” section on the paddle sensor. Because of the instant audio feedback and ability to review the shot stats collected by Kill-Shot Pro™, I was able to make some adjustments to my stroke. Now my drop shots are much more consistent and accurate, hitting the sweet spot a high percentage of the time."

Checking Shot Statistics After Training Session

“Kill-Shot Pro™ is much more than a training paddle. It is like having a coach right there giving you instant feedback on your stroke.

There is no other training device like it in pickleball! WIth each hit it gives you immediate feedback so you can review your training sessions and monitor your improvement! Most players just play games to improve, but your Kill-Shot Pro™ training system it makes drilling and practicing fun and worthwhile.

There’s nothing else like it!”